Ubuntu on brume?

I saw that on the Brume product page it mentions something about ubuntu. Can Ubuntu actually run on the Brume? If so, does it run side by side with OpenWRT or is it duel boot?

Yes, Ubuntu can run on Brume.
At the same time, you can only choose to start one system, please refer to this link for specific usage。


I’m unable to get ubuntu running. Well Ubuntu runs, but I can only access the mv-1000 via ssh and there is no lan / wan. Pretty useless like that. Do I have to reconfigure / script everything from the scratch? Then I’d rather return the mv-1000 back and get me a pi4… Am I missing something?

Updating firmware to 3.104 didnt help neighter. Am I missing something? I just wanted to add pihole but its actually just getting as “un-ready-out-of-the-box” and failureaddictive as a selfconfigured pi then…

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You must be doing something wrong. Connecting a LAN cable from my main router to the Brume WAN port i get bridged networking out of the box. Devices connected to the Brumme’s LAN ports get IP’s from the main router.