Unable to attempt NordVPN connection on the android app for Brume 2

What is the problem please? Tq!

app version? Brume 2 firmware version?
Could you give me a screen recorder of how to reproduce this bug?
401 error means Unauthorized.

Gl.inet app 1.4 3 then Brume is 4.1.1 . During pressing the location for connecting then the error is appears

It works well with my GL-AX1800 4.1.0 release6, I will find a Brume 2 to try.

Yup, it’s work on other router model just brume 2 only so far am notice. Thanks!

It looks like you have a router connected underneath your Brume 2, doesn’t it? If you change the router to AP mode, you should not have this bug. We will fix this bug in the next release.

Yup, as a sub-nodes. Noted with thanks :blush:

I think the new beta version app has fixed the issue.
You can try it here.

Yes, it’s working fine now :+1:. Thank you so much :blush: and Happy New Year 2023.

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