Unable to change BSSID on Beryl AX

I find myself unable to change the BSSID for the private 5 GHz Wi-Fi signal on Beryl AX running the current firmware 4.4.6 using the usual

option macaddr ‘MAC_ADDR’

in file /etc/config/wireless. The BSSID remains the default. Strangely, changing the BSSID for the 5 GHz guest Wi-Fi signal works as expected.

I place the above line in the block

config wifi-iface ‘wifi5g’

under the option key statement.

What might be going on?

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I’m experiencing similar issues with beryl AX AND flint where it has blank fields and missing lists within luci. I’m convinced it’s firmware issues…

Frustrating to find out these details after purchase!

Was a happy camper with GL-Inet previous products!

But since I bought many AXT-1800, then many MT-3000 , I check daily for FW snapshots hoping they fix the many issues.

Still have hope for a real travel router, with 2 wifi chips for real repeater functionality and full support of latest OpenWrt. And make it slimmer with a pro case, forget useless rounded edges, the Brume 2 has a great design!

It depends on the driver. If the firmware is using an OpenSource driver you will be able to change the MAC, if it’s an closed source driver from the chipset - then not.


You may want to check your facts before answering, second wrong answer in a few days…

AXT-1800 firmware doesn’t have open source drivers but BSSID can be changed…

Thanks for trying!

Well, it’s a forum - sometimes the answer might be wrong. I refer to this post: GL-MT3000: How to change BSSID? - #9 by alzhao

Tbh, changing the BSSID isn’t really necessary.
But if you have other information, feel free to provide them.

Well @admon , it may not be necessary in your use case, but it may be for others.

That does not explain why I can change the BSSID of the guest network. Surely that is the same driver, no?

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I am not a developer and therefore cannot judge this. But yes, if it works on the guest network, it shouldn’t be a driver limitation - I would say. Unfortunately I don’t have Beryl here to test.

You’ll have to wait until someone from GL.iNet replies.

@meo I don’t quite understand why you are being so prickly. This is a community forum and I am not a GL.iNet employee. If you want to complain about the product, do it in an official place.

Apart from that: I’ve been doing networking for many, many years and I can’t think of a sensible (!) use-case for changing the BSSID. Sure, you could use it to imitate a WiFi network - but besides that, I’m not aware of anything that would have any relevance in the network environment. Please enlighten me with your opinion and your use case - if you like to.

Maybe you can test the 4.5.0 beta firmware?

It will be intesting to find out how you did that because that is not supported by the driver.

I described how I tried to change the BSSID for the private 5GHz signal in my original post. The same procedure works for the guest 5GHz signal. Are you not able to reproduce the issue?

This is just cannot be true. I just tried and does not work.

Great news!!

With FW 4.6-beta posted here:

it’s now possible to change BSSID!

Thank you @alex_zheng !!

Hopefully this is going to Beta and Snapshots soon™ ! :slight_smile:

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Hi @meo It’s a good new. We will fix the WIFI issue first.