Unknown error occurred. Please check the network environment or reboot the device

My GL-MT6000 router was working fine last week right after I first configured it. Monday morning it did an expected pre-configured reboot. Now when I attempt to login to the main UI I get the subject error message. I am still able to log into Luci using the same login creds, so it appears to be an issue with the main router UI only. How do I fix this?

Does it still happen after another reboot?

It did, yes. I also noticed the LED light was not showing network activity (which I had previously configured it to do). It was just a solid color. I went into Luci and set it back to activity and it started blinking again, but still can't log into the main UI.

Try accessing the URL via incognito mode to rule out any browser cache.

Also check this out. Seems like they had similar problem but they ended up resetting the device

@j2zero I was hoping to avoid a reset since I just finished setting this thing up. Just so I'm clear, the main GL-MT6000 firmware and OpenWRT firmware are two separate firmwares that can be updated independent from one another, correct? Or does one overwrite the other?

I'm not sure, I don't have that model / use the firmware. @Bruce @yuxin.zou can you answer that please?


May I know what configuration you set up before?

And please go to SSH:

  1. Firmware version: cat /etc/glversion, cat /etc/version.date, cat /etc/version.type
  2. Check nginx process: ps |grep nginx
  3. Restart the nginx: /etc/init.d/nginx restart

Have you try it?

No, they are running in one firmware, not separate in two firmware.

May I know what configuration you set up before?

Not sure specifically what you're asking for here. I first configured using the primary UI and then also made some tweaks using Luci UI.

root@GL-MT6000:~# cat /etc/glversion
root@GL-MT6000:~# cat /etc/version.date
2024-04-12 12:31:11
root@GL-MT6000:~# cat /etc/version.type
root@GL-MT6000:~# ps | grep nginx
 7697 root      8312 S    nginx: master process /usr/sbin/nginx -c /etc/nginx/nginx.conf -g daemon off;
 7857 root     11180 S    nginx: worker process
 7859 root     11180 S    nginx: worker process
 7860 root     10296 S    nginx: worker process
 7862 root     11180 S    nginx: worker process
18842 root      1232 S    grep nginx

Using incognito mode and restarting nginx made no difference.

About which "tweaks" do we talk here?

The main ones were Packet Steering, LED config, SW/HW flow offloading, and port forwarding using a port range (which the primary UI didn't support). Also installed available opkg SW updates.

Big mistake. Never do that, it will cause issues.
You will get package updates directly from GL using the firmware files.

So I would say you need to start over now.

I see, do not do that, as the this operate will broke the GL GUI web page (gui web service).

Have to reset the router to recover the GL GUI, if you require it.

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OK. Would have been good to have known that upfront. Can I install any of the other packages that show up under okpg? For example, docker?

Yep, installing should be mostly fine.

I flashed the latest firmware (4.6.2) and the GUI came back w/o resetting.