Update NextDNS CLI


I was wondering if you could update NextDNS CLI on the gl.iNet repo. The current version is quite outdated. Over 2 years in fact.

Running the upgrade command doesn’t work, since the latest available version on the gl.iNet repo is 1.37.11.

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The firmware itself does not use NextDNS CLI.

The CLI can be upgraded in the repo.

But what is the usage of the CLI?

With the CLI, client info will be reported back to nextdns. Such as their device name and local IP address.

I see. Like a cloud based parental control.

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Can you pls have a try of this ipk?

If it works OK we will push to the repo.


Yup, that’s exactly it.

Just updated. Everything seems to be working just as it should :100: :pray:

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