Updating AdGuard

Is there a way to upgrade AdGuard to the most current version? I am using the Opal.

Does adguard provide any benefits you wouldn’t get from an adblocking browser or add on?

I have been a long time user and like it. I was excited to se it was available on the Opal and runs great.

For ease-of-use, the GL implementation works really well at being resilient by checking DNS settings and restoring defaults (#3053) when rebooting/starting/stopping the service. Its very user-friendly in that regard.

I normally just use http://ip_address:3000 when looking at and configuring AGH, so I did a manual installation of AGH on my Opal.

mkdir /opt/
mkdir /opt/AdGuardHome
cd /opt/AdGuardHome
curl -s -S -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome/master/scripts/install.sh | sh -s -- -v

The new darkmode in the latest version looks nice and it was a simple 1-click upgrade from the web interface.

Its nice that GL.Inet gives you a user-friendly integrated option and stand-alone installation options with AGH. It works exactly the same without the gl-agh-stats features. They were the 1st to spec routers for AGH too.

Opal is not powerful to run adguardhome.

I agree that better specs run adguard better, but for fairly light usage (no high bandwidth demands), the Opal performs perfectly fine with a decent number of blocklists active.

Optimizing and leaning out the AGH configuration is possible on the Opal. Alzhao is correct that the Opal cannot run the OISD Blocklist Full comfortably and will crash frequently, but the dual cpu and 128/128 ram/storage does run several of the smaller lists well enough.

I would have liked to have such a manual for the AX1800 Flint. With your contribution in conjunction with this I finally managed to bring Adguard to the latest version.


I agree. GL.Inet needs a new forum section (openwrt.org too) titled “Quick Ease” to collect all of the useful tidbits from the forums for quick fixes/setups and the like.

The GL.Inet routers are great devices and easy to set-and-forget once they are all configured.

I also tested OpenWRT 22.x on a Pi (to see fw4) and it is easy to have AdGuardHome use 200+mb of ram with a full set of blocklists, so Alzhao is correct that 128mb devices will have a poor user experience if overburdened.

I don’t use my Opal as a main router (8 hours tops at any given time over cellular), so an Opal may choke on AGH after running for several days/weeks. Scheduling an overnight reboot a few times a week would fix that right up though.

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I am also guilty of it too but when a solution is found mark as such helps people out.