Upgrade Spitz AX (GL-X3000) 4G Model to 5G?

Hello everyone. My English is a bit bad. If I buy the RM520N-GL module and insert it, will it work? If so, which module should I buy exactly? Module ending in AA? RM520N-GLAA

Please answer. Should the antennas be changed? Or is it appropriate?

Please refer to

I saw it but I didn’t quite understand it. can i upgrade to 5g? If I buy AA module will it work?

X3000 only works with the RM520N-GLAA module which on PCIE mode, but RM520N-GLAA as default works on USB mode, need special process to change the module working mode, we not suggest you to do it by yourself.

Another issue is about the IMEI, our X3000 has done the America carrier ATT and TMO certification, which requires special IMEI. There is risk that other module can’t be accepted by these carriers.

I don’t live in America, it doesn’t matter to me. Please help is there a guide or something? What else should I get from the module? I want to do it even if it’s hard

Besides 5G module working mode, there are two difference on the PCB board.

Firstly, as the cellular module size is different, the support pillar location to lock the module is different, you need to unmount the pillar and solder it at different location.

Secondly, there is a small piece of aluminum plate on the cellular module, to cover the ipex connector, the purpose is to have a better 5G signal performance. This aluminum plate is not mandatory.

This operation is a little difficult, but if you insist to change the module, we will send you the guide to switch the 5G module working mode.

Thank you for the detailed answer. Please I want a guide

Why did not you send?

Hi Rafaello:

You can private text me your email, will send you the corresponding driver.