Urgent contact number of support staff

Hi, I need to contact the support staff very urgently, as I am not technical and has bought a GL-AXT1800, subscribed to NordVPN, but the VPN Client on the router is only showing as ‘The Client is starting please wait’ for the past 2 hours. I have a very important meeting starting in a couple of hours, before which I must connect to a London based VPN server. I need a telephone number to call someone from the support staff, who can guide me. Please.

Could you please reach our support team via Facebook Message at GL.iNet or the chat widget at the right bottom of our offical website. That would be much more efficient I think.

NordVPN uses different credentials for logging in and for connecting via OpenVPN.

Please make sure to use the right credentials for OpenVPN. You will find them inside the NordVPN dashboard. (I think they are called Service credentials or sth. like that.)

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