USB Modems support

Is there a list of supported 4g USB Modems that can be used with the Flint or the Slate AX?

Will ZTE 4G USB Wifi MF79U work?

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Hi, The AXT1800 supports ZTE 4G Dongle MF79U.

I plugged it in but cant see it on the Flint web interface, still says plugin usb or mobile?

Weird enough it detected it as “Tethering” and “iOS”

Hi,Currently only the AXT1800 and MT3000 support ZTE 4G Dongle MF79U.Please upgrade AXT1800 to SDK4.2 beta firmware for testing.

my english is not the best, but i try to make the Point clear as possible.

I have bought 3 different Routers:
Slate AX

On Slate AX i tried my 2 different 4G Sticks, the Huawei E3372h-325 and the ZTE MF79U
Everything is on the newest Stable Firmware. I wasnt able to get the Huawei to work, it could be, that is a fake Product or Rebrand, so i only use the ZTE.

On the Slate AX is the ZTE MF79U not registred as 3G/4G Modem, also not as thetering. If i put a USB Hub betweend Slate AX (USB) and put the ZTE in this Hub, it works as Thetering Device well, so far i can see.

In the OPAL, i can put the MF79U direct in the USB Port and it gets registered as Thetering - and worked well.

The Perfomence is good, better as on my google pixel 5. So far, so good.

But why in the Name of … gets this stick not registred as a 4G LTE Modem.

PLEASE GL.INET. Do something with this. I will use this devices proper and good. Those Routers works so well - incept this one thing.

The Shadow should be delivered tomorrow, so i can test the Same.

I think about a USB Problem with USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 , maybe there is a lack of smoothness… Compatibility things.

I will do some Videos on my channel to this Device, but actual i want to … cry… cause this stupid incompatibilitys. Come on, you can´t be like “we tested it with 3G Modems” … bring the most actual 150Mbit Cat 4 / 6 / 11 Sticks to work with the routers.

Hope i helped a bit! Have a nice day!

Try changing the LAN IP of the router form > something else (eg. and then retry the Huawei.