Use GL-XE300C4 as modem only

I have been using a Huaweii 4G stick as a failover 2nd internet connection on my home router for years.
The stick has died.
I also have a GL-XE300C4 4G WIFI router which works really well. I take this on holidays to provide family internet.

Can I use this as my failover device plugged into the checkpoint router?
I don’t want double NAT, so I would need to somehow turn the GL XE300 into just a dumb 4g modem sending a WAN link out one of its ethernet ports and let the checkpoint handle all the routing.
Turning it to AP mode doesn’t seem to work, as this makes it behave like an access point NOT a bridge, which I think is what I want.

So how to turn this wonderful device into a 4G modem ONLY, so I can use it as my 2nd internet connection on my main home router.

I am not sure if I can/how I can configure this.
Any help much appreciated.


XE300 not support this function so far, we developed similar function named IP Passthrough for one business customer, but the requirement is simple.

Would you let us know the advantage of using XE300 as a 4G modem not as a Router, any special scenario must use XE300 as a modem?

thankyou for writing back
The only advantage in using the XE300 as a 4G modem only is that I already own this device, and I d not have to go and buy something new.
The XE300 is an excellent modem and an excellent router.
I use it when I go on holiday all the time with a local SIM card.
But my main router at home is a higher end checkpoint router firewall.
It supports dual WAN. I use Fibre and 4G as backup.
Previously I used a USB 4G dongle, but that has died, so I thought I could use the XE300 and therefore I would not have to buy a new device.

IP Passthrough is exacrtly what I am after!!
The main router gets the Public IP address, and the XE300 functions only as a “dumb” modem.
If it is easy to implement I think it would be a good feature to add.
I am also happy to make some changes via the Luci interface if you can tell me what to do.


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Hello, does any cellular router support this feature or is it planned to add this feature?

I would also like to use a cellular router as a failover connection. In my opinion this would be a very useful feature.

Hi @dbanyasz and @Fovty , I have talked with our R&D team, we willl compile a test firmware what add IP Passthrogh function for you in next week, you can test it, thank you for your feedback.

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Thank you, I’ll test it as soon as it’s available

@Hoff - I am also interested in a IP Passthrough firmware. Is there any word on when this firmware will be available?

@Hoff If possible, I would appreciate testing this build as well. I am beta testing the XE3000 starting the 8th and having a 2nd portable modem for failover, load balancing, etc, would be helpful.

We have this function in XE3000 devcie,you can test directly, if you have any new idea and have any questions, please feedback to us, thank you!

X3000 and XE3000, please refer to the links below.
X3000: GL-X3000 / Spitz AX - GL.iNet
XE3000: GL-XE3000 / Puli AX - GL.iNet

Sorry, y2kdread, it need more time for xe300 IP Passthrough firmware.

@Hoff Any news on IP Passthrough mode for X3000?

Do you want to use IP passthroug function on X3000 or XE300?

X3000 for me!

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I am still interested for this feature on the XE300.

@dbanyasz @y2kdread There is a test firmware, you can test it, if you have new idea and find problem about IP pssthrogh, please give us feedback. By the way, can you tell me why you need use this funcution and your application scenarios?

@Sskanse @GFH_1234 @Fovty Can you tell me why you need use this funcution and your application scenarios? please follow this attachment document to share your device to my account via GL.iNet cloud, and send your device mac address and password to my email(
I will add this function on your firmware, this function isn’t released, so this function just be tested on a small scale.
Share the device to technical support via (206.0 KB)

I use my router mainly as a failover link for my home network, I don’t need all the routing functions just the network connectivity.

Can you give me more information or your home internet topology ? As we know, most of home have a main router with one WAN port, this router use this WAN port to connect carrier internet use ethernet cable or optical fiber, there isn’t another WAN port to connect our router LAN port. Why do you need to use IP Passthrough function? and how to connect our router?
Thank you for your information!

For me:

Exactly as you described. Main router is third party router (mesh system). I want to drop in X3000 with a SIM card to replace internet modem, without touching existing main router.