Using an ATT (seirra wireless/netgear) 340u on AR150


So far I’m loving these little and have bought a few for networking industrial equipment at work.

Has anyone gotten the stock firmware to work on ATT network with a Netgear 340U? It does light up and says ready to connect but the Ar150 does not see it. Maybe suggestions on a working dongle that works well with ATT and TMobile in the United States.


You do not say what you have loaded for drivers etc,

This seems to give some info on making the device work with linux and it seems that there are the relevant drivers in std openwrt.

There is no good resource that I know of for OpenWrt compatible USB or 3/4G devices.

Seems it is hostless, you need to install USB_NET_QMI_WWAN and check if you have extra interfaces in Tehtering section.