Using GL iNET App in Access Point Mode?

I recently changed the Network Mode on my Beryl AX (MT3000) from Router to Access Point Mode, but then found I could not access the Beryl using the GLiNET App. Is this by design? To be fair there is a message about accessing the Beryl using the IP Address assigned by the Main Router.

However this seems a bit difficult if you’re travelling and you just want to extend an existing network (that allows it), but then you cannot access the Router of that existing network. In this case how do you access the Beryl from the GLiNET App (if you do not know the IP Address of it?)


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Just out of interest, but why would you use your GL.iNet in AP mode when travelling? The main idea is to have your own secure network when you are away, isn’t it?

Fair question; it’s actually for when we go to my wife’s parents place. They have an older router with Wireless N or AC, so I wanted to plug it into the LAN port and then we can connect our devices to the Travel Router when we visit my in-laws. Hopefully that makes sense.

@elorimer gave me a nice explanation why this might not make sense, security-wise, here: [SOLVED] Cannot Access Beryl AX Webadmin using IP Address assigned by another Router? - #3 by SmurfonToast


No support for Access Point Mode has been added to the App. You can try manually entering the router’s WAN IP into the App and basic features may be available.

OK thank you. Maybe a feature request in future. I like the App (and it’s much easier to teach my wife to do stuff on the App when she travels for work than the WebAdmin).


You can actually set up a GL.iNet router as a “LAN-only” access point, in Router mode without connecting the WAN port and only connecting the Ethernet LAN port:

In Step 3 of this procedure, you can also just set Protocol to DHCP client and it will obtain an IP address from the main router.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

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Thank you, I can look into that down the track, but for now I guess this question was more about whether the GLiNET App could be used in AP mode, which yuxin.zou has noted it can not be and provided an alternative.

If you set up the GL.iNet router as a LAN-only access point, then you can use the GL.iNet App to manage the router. Just add it via Initialized Devices in the app and enter the router’s LAN IP address.

I have that setup for 1 of my GL.iNet routers.

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It has been quite some time (9 months) since my original post requesting this functionality and I was REALLY REALLY hoping to see this “enable AP Mode in the App”, rather than having to go through the Webadmin each time.

I’d like to give the Router to my wife for Travel and have her use it via the App, as an App, at her parents place.

Please :slight_smile:



As an aside, enabling Tailscale in the App would also be great, thanks!

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Following up on this request please.
Is it on GLINETs horizon?

If not can you please say “no we won’t be doing this” so folks know where GLINET stand on the various requests.

I thought of another reason to run in AP mode instead of full bore router: SPEED! In router mode I’m down to <200mbps standing right next to the GL unit. I get 1500mbps to the Internet directly off the LAN with a good AP.

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One reason might be because typical hotels couldn’t configure a secure wi-fi network to save their lives (one huge one being the ubiquitous !@#$ed-up captive portal mess) but the LAN might be fine, and he doesn’t want to double-NAT. Or, in my case, I have an ISP-supplied modem that forces its router/AP/etc on me, but won’t reach where I want it to, so I want a mynetwork-backyard AP, and to be able to plug in a couple of devices to the LAN ports out there too. It seems like that was what this device was marketed to do, but I’m having a hell of a time setting up that simple functionality.

LAN->>LAN1/LAN2/wifi->end clients

That is all I want, and I think that’s what OP wants too.

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