Using GLinet Opal on MSC Cruise

I am trying to use my travel router on an MSC Cruise. It is the GLinet opal. I connect my phone to the ship hotspot. Then I use a browser to login to my paid account. Then I check the settings on the connection and find that the ship has assigned my device a random MAC, or that is what i think has happened. Then I use the MAC Clone feature using the assigned MAC. I also tried this with mu phone’s actual MAC. When i connect router to the MSC hotspot, it is still not connected to the Internet. What do I do,?

What I do in these situations is:

1 Join router to wifi (repeater mode)
2 Connect device (phone, laptop, whatever) to router
3 Connect to captive portal using device through the router
3 Enter credentials

It usually works fine, the only time I mess around with MAC spoofing is to get around bandwidth limits, although this probably wouldn’t apply in your case.

Hope this helps!

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