Using openVPN client-side WAN for drop-in gateway

I’ve got a situation like this - 2 devices GL-MT2500A in two countries say UK and Spain configured as drop-in gateways.

[UK-LAN]–[UK-device OVPN Client]–[NAT router]—[Internet]—[Spain-device OVPN server]–[Spain LAN]

Device in Spain is acting as a OpenVPN server, device in UK as OpenVPN client. All working, I can connect from both sides to both LANs.

Now what I am trying to achieve is for the Spain LAN when computers use Spain-device as a gateway to go through the VPN tunnel and go out to the Internet using [UK device]] WAN (simply speaking to have UK public IP).

No matter what I’m trying to do it seems impossible. Is there any way to do that ?

Here is a similar requirement.

kishsquared said that it needs to be p2p mode.
We’ll support tun mode OpenVPN later. I think It’s related.

I’ve managed to do it, albeit not with your GUI, but with underlying OpenWRT set up and Raspberry PI on the other end.

I followed the instructions specified here:
and set up TAP OpenVPN server on the Raspberry Pi with bridged interface
on the other side on GL-MT2000 I installed luci-openvpn-app and imported client configuration in openwrt. You need also to enable WAN access for the bridged network and masquerading on WAN interface.
I tried to import ovpn via your GUI, but it didn’t work.
Nonetheless it is possible and working fine. Now I have a gateway in my local network that I can use to route traffic to Ovpn client device that will forward it to the Internet.

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