Using Tailscale Mullvad Exit Nodes on a GL.iNet GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX)

Will it work if I amend this curl command based on the arm64 listed stable version here: or more correctly


cd /tmp; curl -f -L -o tailscale_1.54.0_arm64.tgz 
tar -zxvf tailscale_1.54.0_arm64.tgz
mv tailscale_1.54.0_arm64/tailscale* /usr/sbin/

EDIT1: OK, so I did that, it updated but still shows 1.52.1 in the admin page???

EDIT2: So I tried it again and got this error:
curl: (6) Could not resolve host:

I have little idea what I am doing but it seems a DNS issue. I have the Beryl AX connected to my Asus RT-AX86U via Ethernet Cable and set up as an AP via the Network Mode (using Webadmin, but why can’t GLi sort out an App option for that AP mode, why does it have to be done via Webadmin?!), so searching around I found (and issued) this:

sudo echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf

Which resolved the curl error and I could then run the commands above. My Router uses Cloudflare and, maybe it does not like that.

I had to then disable AP mode and reset the Router BACK to Router Mode to see if the Plugin Version had updated (Why can’t GLI allow the Tailscale App to run in AP Mode, is this a Tailscale limitation?).

In any case the version has now updated to 1.54.0.