Very high upload traffic using Wireguard after latest update [3.105]

I updated my device (GL-AR750S) yesterday with version 3.105.

I noticed that the upload amount was VERY high on the admin panel using a Wireguard VPN. (VPN/ Wireguard Client) (VPN is mullvad)
The upload amount was at 680 MB and download at 475 MB.

I haven’t uploaded anything (or at least this big) and my phone was the only device connected to it. I have changed wireguard servers the same day after noticing similar high uploads. (Meaning this upload amount was reset today and exploded to 680 MB today only)

What should I do ? Is there anything I should worry about ?

Edit: also should noticed the admin panel has a high memory impact (350 MB+) on Firefox Desktop

Still having the same problem?

Yes. I tried resetting everything but it didn’t change anything. Either the upload traffic indicator (for the Wireguard VPN) was displaying wrong information, or it was trying to upload something it shouldn’t.

Since then, I’ve downgraded the firmware back to version 3.104 with no issues so far.

One thing I noted on 3.105 (and 3.104), is that the router was struggling to stay connected to a wifi connection (2.4 Ghz). However, I only noticed the high upload traffic on the 3.105. (I would have to check if it was the case for 3.104). I changed to a 5 Ghz Wifi connection with 3.104, and this solved my issue completely (no high upload traffic, no connection drop). Hope this helps!

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