Wrong upload / download traffic for Wireguard [3.201] + internet disconnecting

Device : GL-AR750S

I had the same problem with [3.105] (not with 3.104). [Link to my post]

Problem :

  • Wireguard Client page shows “Upload / Download” that’s not realistic. In my case : “1.25 GB / 53.43 MB”. I haven’t uploaded anything. VPN is mullvad
  • The router (working mode is repeater, with Wireguard VPN On) is connected to a 2.4Ghz wifi network. When I’m connected to the router (with my phone or laptop), it regularly disconnects (at least once an hour). If I connect to the router (with Wireguard OFF on the router), but the Mullvad default app (for android or/and windows; wireguard, same servers used as on the router) the connection appears stable.

Edit: “the connection appears more stable” → maybe not actually. The VPN disconnects. I’ll try to figure out if it’s because of Mullvad servers OR if it’s because of the wifi dropping (from the router)
In either case, problem 1 is not normal no matter what

53.43 MB is not a big number, even for upload.

I just changed the server the day before, so it resets the counter. 53 MB doesn’t really shock me. For me the big problem is the upload traffic counter.

Also the device just drops the connection regularly when connected to a 2.4 Ghz Wifi network. It makes the device absolutely unusable. How can i make the travel router work with 2.4 Ghz Wifi?

Anyway that you can keep using 5G? 2.4G is more prone to inteference.

All ath9k (Ar150,ar300XX,ar750XX) devices 2.4Ghz suffers from a bug upstream, until someone fixes the code, here’s the workaround

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Nope, new network. 5G Wifi is not always available.

Okay thanks for this ! I’ll check this out in the coming week

I dont know its related on your problem.:
The gl firmware show IPV6 traffic by deactivated IPV6 …

I added it now to the buglist: