VPN bypass does not work

The VPN bypass does not work on my SlateAX 4.1-b3

Normal VPN standard setup (imported file and user/pw), using PIA as VPN provider. Can someone please help. I need these two devices NOT to use the VPN, while all others should use VPN.
when I go to (What's My IP Address? Accurate & Fast Location Info | PIA VPN) to see my IP, it still says protected by PIA.

Do you mean 4.1.0 release3?
I would say upgrade to Stable 4.1.0 release7 and try to complete your setup been some changes since 3.

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4.1 beta 3. I tried the newer version beta release 7 and it didn’t fix it.

Ok, so I think it works with the release 7. I rebooted the router and it looks good

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I guess this issue isn’t resolved like I thought. My wife’s iphone is on the bypass list and it still hits the VPN. Services like Disney+ and Netflix won’t load.

What is the Global VPN Policy set to?
Is your wifes Iphone have Private Wi-Fi Address and Limit Ip address tracking enabled?
This will be under WiFi settings my network info in IOS

The first thing I did was turn off private address on all devices. The global is set to devices not use VPN.

Under Global VPN policy is Block non-VPN traffic enabled? This should be disabled for your non VPN traffic to get through.

I am using Mac address exclusion for the VPN and it seems to work, the client I have excluded is being provided a static ip address.

Hello. Not expert here. I noticed that you have policies based on mac device. Maybe the iPhone has random mac function enabled in settings?

I did disable the private address :slight_smile:
It seems like the rules are not applying or working.

Its your setup and configuration. I have tested on GL-AX1800 and GL-AXT1800 using a iphone MAC address exclusion. Like I stated before if you have block non vpn traffic enabled NonVPN traffic won’t leave this was the only way I was able to replicate.

Block traffic is not enabled. Can you post screenshots of your config? Did you have to reboot so it can take effect?

Ok so that is the same a mine. You should not need to reboot but may need to flushDNS. If you want to reboot that is fine. A issue I did have was the 1st connection I had random IP and mac address enabled(IOS does have it as default) and I did mistakenly add that one.

I just want to make sure I understand: The Iphone is set to not use vpn but still connects using the vpn, as apposed to the iphone can’t leave the LAN or use the WAN, gets no connection.

I also want to make sure that you are hitting apply when you add the iphone to the MAC exclusion(I have not done this a number of times)

Correct. I want all devices on my network to use VPN by default minus the ones that are in the bypass list. I tried with my pixel 7, I added it to the list. And I still hit the VPN. (The IP address is from PIA)

I appreciate the help. My network is a little different from yours. I have a Firewalla Blue that does ARP spoofing, so the traffic was leaving outbound from that device. I unplug the firewalla and guess what? My pixel now does not use the VPN. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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This is like the third post I put this on. Unless PIA has something built into there Config I not sure

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Check my post right above your comment. I figured out my issue. I have a firewalla that does ARP spoofing.
The bypass works as expected now. Thank you for your help!