VPN Cascading on GL.iNet routers

There was a bug with VPN cascading with port forward.
Please upgrade to beta version.

Hi hansome, I’ve upgraded the firmware to 4.2.0 and now the ‘VPN cascading’ works fine, thanks for your help!



Hardware: GL-MT2500A (Brume 2)

I travel to China and VPN is blocked there (NordVPN, ExpressVPN). Probably the IP of the servers are blocked, because sometimes it work, but after a couple of hours it stops to work.

Also the VPN from the company I work for is blocked so I don’t have access to the office network (shared folders, e.g.)

VPN Cascading can be an alternative for this?


  • When I’m in China, I’ll connect to my HOME vpn (Brune2 VPN server) in Italy;
  • Then, I would like to use the Brune2 VPN Client to connect to the office VPN.

In this way can I have access to my office network and have acces to my shared folders?


VPN cascading does not solve your case.
If you can connect to your home in Italy, you can set up double vpn to connect to your office.
The issues is, connection to your home can also be blocked.

Sometimes you can connect. After several hours you are blocked. You may wait for a while and you may be able to connect again.

There are solutions for your case but you have to consult other communities.

Hi, thanks!
Regarding to the double VPN, you mean I’ll need to set up a virtual machine?

Laptop in China connected to my home VPN in Italy;
Then, on the same laptop, I open the VPN Client on the virtual machine to connect to my office


A typical double vpn work like this:

  1. On the router, you have vpn connecting to your Italy home
  2. On your pc, which is connected to the router, you have vpn connecting to your Office.

Thanks for the quick answer.
Therefore I’ll need 2 devives?

  • In Italy: GL-MT2500A working as VPN Server;
  • In China: GL-MT3000 working as VPN Client (connecting it to my GL-MT2500A) + My latop connected to GL-MT3000 and then I connect my laptop to the office using my VPN Client Software (installed in my laptop)

Probably I can replace the GL-MT3000 by my smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 using Wiregard app and working as a hotspot?


Can you explain in more detail why VPN cascading will not work using a single router?

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Android smartphones do not share VPN connection through a hotspot, unless you root the smartphone.

Smartphone app of some vpn service providers, works better in Internet censorship regions. So you can tether your phone (with vpn) to the router (MT3000) and connect all of your other devices to the router.

Really? I don’t know this.

I am not saying that VPN cascading does not work using a signal router.
I am saying that VPN cascading is not tageting to this speical case.

VPN cascading solves some cases that you want to share one VPN connection to multiple streams.

I went to China recently and I didn’t find out any VPN Service Provider that works.
Some worked by a couple of hours, but then they became black-listed on the day after.
Probably because they are “famous” and much easier to monitor and black list them.

Try PureVPN and connect to one of their VPN servers located in Hong Kong, such as PureVPN.

Other VPN providers that have VPN servers located in Hong Kong may also work.

See the section Android prevents your device from sharing a VPN connection:

You can use Every Proxy or other proxy server app, but it will only work for http and https traffic.

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Android smartphones may not share VPN connection through USB tethering either, unless your smartphone has a Hotspot & tethering → Allow clients to use VPN option (my Samsung does not):


That is unfortunate. You need something specific.

Another user on this forum who uses PureVPN told me previously that it worked when connected to a Hong Kong server.