VPN Client and Server at the same time on GL-MT300N-V2

I have a question. I have a router, GL-MT300N-V2.
With the router I connect my network with VPN client to an external VPN-Server and get a static IPv4 address. Now I want to connect to my router from an external source via VPN server on the router.
But it seems, that it can’t run a VPN client and server on the same router. Is there a work around?


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The firmware now limits application of vpn server and client at the same time because routing may be too complicated.

We are enabling this feature in our firmware 4.x which may have beta this month.

Ok, vielen Dank für die Info. Dann hoffen wir mal, dass schnell die Beta raus kommt.

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Did the firmware allready updated? I really need this function.


Sorry not yet. But I am using the Alpha version now.

Is it working with the alpha?


The router can run the following at the same time.
1 ovpn client
1 wireguard client
1 opvn server
1 wireguard server

The most complicated one is vpn policy redesign.

Can I download the alpha somewhere? I just found the 3.211 beta 4.

I hope you can hold for a while. Too many bugs now.

Amazing features. Which routers will they be extended to?

Any idea if these features will be available for Opal (SFT1200) or for GL-SF1200 ?

If yes, any date for beta versions?

Yes. There will be 4.x firmware for these two models later.

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