VPN Client = Default Gateway?


So, I have a non internet opvn client profile, so this is just connecting to my home in LAN environment.

But when i export to my gl-inet ar300m, it always being default gateway, so i cannot connect to the internet

been trying to change it via LuCI, but it seems the entire gl-inet menu not appear in LuCI. also the tun0 interface have status “unmanaged”.

For my understanding, you want to connect to your home from outside your home, right?

So when you use your ovpn on your AR300M, can you accesses your home?

If yes, then you have two solutions:

  1. Configure the vpn server in your home so that you can use your home to access Internet when using VPN on your AR300M. This is what the people do when they use on travel to protect their data.
  2. If the above is not what you want, try to use vpn policies in AR300M. Check this guide VPN policy quick guide and feedback Add only your home IP address range to allow VPN.

Or here is a better solution for you to access your home. [GL.iNet] Site to Site feature is now available - #3 by alzhao

Thanks alfi,

It does works now, i follow your guide on the link!