Vpn mystery flint(isp wan) >beryl>lan=no wireguard


all I seem to be messing up here as I have two routers on the same SSID

ONE is forwarding all its conections to a lan port on my main router that is connected to ISP cable

Glinet flint (main isp)

I have connected a beryl via lan into wan ahnd set up wire guard and its not accesable from the outside network
the beryl alone on the ISP wire connects to wireguard to my port forwards are working fine

51820 is the port in question

but the lan to glinet flint breaks it

the flint is port forwared 51820 the ip of the beryl,

but im not sure if I need to open actual ports on the router, i never needed to do it when i was using synology NAS’s but this new was is all custom and I need an external implementation

so to get wireguard to work externally on a LAN going to a glinet router too

then what do i do thank you ninjas

I didn’t understand your question, maybe you can draw a network topology diagram?

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so im bad at mentally doing a diagram so i did a video with the diagram

In short what im trying to do now is get

Beryl wireguard server (lan perferably I can see gui then but in Lan i have no internet to theUI)

on wireguard through Ethernet to my Flint main router

but i dont understand the routing clearly

wireguard Berly on wire to ISP works, cause ive forwared the external

wireguard Flint on wire to ISP works cause ive forwarded the external ports

But when I put bery on a LAN fro flint it all stops working ,

So that needs first to work but I cant figure it out, im not educated enough about networks and only a newbie to this :pensive:

been stubbornly at it for days but Im not sharp enough to figure it out :confused:

@ (/u/craignog)

its basically this

this also,

any config that lets me have a VPN over lan in two locations

i cant even get vpn over lan just at my location

as soon as beryl is on lan or wan dont even know what to use

no vpn

Your purpose is actually to access your NAS from outside, right?
Have you try to running Wireguard Server in Flint?