VPN Policy doesn't stick after reboot (unless Luci installed)

I’ve encountered an odd bug with a VPN policy not working after reboot.

Steps to reproduce are:

  1. Factory reset router
  2. Add a vpn connection (OpenVPN in my case)
  3. Add a vpn policy (Only use VPN for => LAN in my case ‘’)
  4. Connect to VPN => Everything works as expected
  5. Reboot the device => VPN policy doesn’t work and there is no internet access at all
  6. Toggle VPN Policy off and back on fixes it until the next reboot
  7. Installing Luci fixes it permanently for some reason?

I’ve confirmed this same behavior on X300B, 300M and 150M

I’m wondering if this is actually a bug or if there is some other method to ensure VPN policy persists after reboot other than installing Luci VIA advanced menu?



What is your firmware version?
I was having a similar problem as your from 2 - 6 when my AR750S was on firmware version 3.201.

I verified there is a bug. Filed internally.

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Can you add this to the Pending Problems & Bugs list at:

So everyone can easily find this bug?

I just did. Thanks for the suggestions.

Sorry, I’ve been away, glad to hear this is being taken care of. Thank you!