VPN policy quick guide and feedback

I tried IP based rule works.

Maybe @luochongjun can help on this matter. Before there is setting for guest network but the UI is too complicated already. But this is definitely doable.

One more thing about IP based rule.

You need to flush your DNS or just wait for some time to let it work. This is the behaviour I observed. Because of DNS cache it seems not working so you changed your settings again. So just be a little patient and you should find that it works.

based domain policies need flush DNS cache (use ipconfig /flushdns command on windos ).
For some sites, you need to set a set of policies, not a single policy, because the sites you visit are likely to get data from other sites.
The VPN policies not apply in guest network.

IP-based policy worked for some sites and didn’t work for whatismyip.com! Please give it a try.

Also I wish I could exclude all domains with my country suffix from vpn.

for me no working

hulu.com & netflix no possible to use, they see i use a vpn and lock me if vpn policy it’s active
just if i use vpn full without policy working but i loose contry film in netflix



Is there a plan to increase the available syntax for domain names? Currently dashes eg, gl-net.com are not allowed. This obviously limits the amount of domains that can be put behind a vpn profile.