WDS repeater and seeing attached clients

I have a B1300 in WISP repeater mode and then attached to that a B1300 in WDS repeater mode. All works well however I can only see the clients attached to the WISP repeater via the Clients tab. On the WDS there is no Client mode and devices attached to the WDS do not appear on the main WISP repeater client list.

Is there any way I can make this happen?

The information is with the AP that the client is associated with. You’d need to script something and a custom screen to aggregate.


OK thanks for that. Beyond my skill set :blush:

Guess Id better have another go at getting the mesh working as I know this will give me what I want (skill and time poor :grin:)



Finally got around to trying Mesh again and got it working. Must have held my tongue just in the right position :yum:

Mesh gives me exactly what I wanted, a list of all devices. I’ve used the hostnames file to change those that either had weird names or no names and all is good:

Can even tell what node they’re attached to and on which band:

All is good in the world :slight_smile: