What does AdGuard Home do?

what does adgaurd do?
I tried it. and i notice Youtube ads are still in place. so what does it remove if it cant even remove youtube ads on iphone/ipad?
since i have Ublockorigin on my laptop so i dont need it on my laptop. but on phone it can be useful if set up correctly?
In my case no difference!
Could someone confirm please?

Here is some video from them where they explain what’s going on:

You won’t be able to block Ads on YouTube with that.
But it’s good for privacy, generally speaking, anyway, because it blocks a lot of other stuff. (see: How does AdGuard work? )

I would still keep ublock enabled, but basically speaking you wouldn’t need it anymore. AdGuard Home will filter the traffic before it reaches your laptop.

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Thanks i enabled it… Do i have to enable "AdGuard Home Handle Client Requests " too?

I didnt noticed my reply became a new thread.
Great. we can discuss more about it in here.
I was thinking it would slowdown the speed. But by watching the video which Admon sent, i see in fact it speeds up the internet too!!!
I instantly enabled it and i already see it filtered some stuff…
I will show in screenshot below…
I cant believe i was missing out on this nice thing :slight_smile: gotta love open source !
just look at all these sites which it blocked?! i guess they are tracker…
im starting to love Gilnet more and more

I just noticed Adguard home is not installed on mine… but i still have it?
could someone explain please?

No, since it might break VPN policies.
Just enable Network > DNS > Override DNS Settings for All Clients

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ive done it already thx… Using DNS over HTTPS …
However i just checked and saw ad guard home has disabled the encrypted dns over https…
Which one is better? Ad gaurd or dns over https?


You have to understand that these are completely different things.

I tried to draw it for better understanding:

AdGuard Home itself can speak encrypted DNS to servers on the internet. (blue part)
AdGuard Home itself can even use encrypted DNS inside your local network (orange part)

Encrypted DNS inside your network is mostly not required and not really useful for people sitting in a normal home setup. That’s why it’s disabled by default.

You can force upstream DNS encrypted (blue part) by using the right syntax. On the configuration page, there is a small hint about how to write the correct server addresses:, 2a10:50c0::1:ff: regular DNS (over UDP);, [2a10:50c0::1:ff]:53: regular DNS (over UDP, with port);
udp://unfiltered.adguard-dns.com: normal DNS (via UDP, host name);
tcp://, tcp://[2a10:50c0::1:ff]: regular DNS (over TCP);
tcp://, tcp://[2a10:50c0::1:ff]:53: regular DNS (over TCP, with port);
tcp://unfiltered.adguard-dns.com: normal DNS (via TCP, host name);
tls://unfiltered.adguard-dns.com: encrypted DNS over TLS;
https://unfiltered.adguard-dns.com/dns-query: encrypted DNS-over-HTTPS;
h3://unfiltered.adguard-dns.com/dns-query: encrypted DNS-over-HTTPS with forced HTTP/3 and no fallback to HTTP/2 or lower;
quic://unfiltered.adguard-dns.com: encrypted DNS-over-QUIC;
sdns://...: DNS stamp for DNSCrypt or DNS-over-HTTPS resolver;
[/example.local/] an upstream for certain domains;

In the diagram. the orange one doesnt even go to the router? how does it work without router?
DNS is complicated. I take your word for it. considering enabling ad guard is better and faster i go for it.
Im just confused because Bring said to enable encrypted DNS. maybe for my condition encrypted DNS is better? however you do know my condition too.
Thanks for your information anyway

AdGuard is pretty fine, you can enable it.
Since all your traffic is sent by VPN as well, it does not really matter if you use encrypted DNS or not.

If you want to, add the following lines inside AGH and remove the rest:

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Sorry i dont follow where to enter those lines…
@ ? if so where at ?
Thank you

Setting dns adguard home > upstream
You could use encrypt dns such like Cloudflare ( Or adguard dns server like @admon AdGuard DNS — ad-blocking DNS server

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do you mean here?
I remove those 2 and add the admon’s lines?

Admon says since im on vpn ll the time so encrypted dns is no use.
I agree with him.
I just want to understand what does those lines mean anyway? for my own knowledge
tank you
Ive remove those 2 ips. and added admon’s lines anyway.
Im not really informed about Encrypted DNS or if its good for me. But im always connected to VPN just so you know.

These protocol is Encrypt dns servers

You can check which dns do you using? https://www.dnsleaktest.com/

You selected “Load balancing” is mean each line which very low ping or faster.

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no leak on DNSLEAK

i didnt select it. it was on default.
shall i change it for better speed?

Your last screenshot was default selected load balancing…
DNS leaking showing you which address do you using dns server, should be name adguard dns server from @admon advice. Even you turned on vpn. Try turn off adguard home and check dns leak which dns server do you using

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is load balancing better or? third option?
Please make note only thing that matters to me is speed

Doesn’t matter, AGH will choose the best server anyway. Just don’t touch.

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Hello @admon
How do i return the Ad guard setting to default?
Im haviing issue connecting to internet with these addresses there which u asked me to put there inststead of whats been tehre before… ( I cant browse most sites internet without vpn ) also with vpn on i have heaps of disconnections.

In that case you can just disable AGH completely.

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Click 2nd link about list DNS providers. Up to you to pick any upstream DNS servers.

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