When Admin panel is too slow or time out

Happy new year mate.

Last black friday I bought two gl-inet routers.

BTW that has probelm on admin panel.

It was too slow or shown timed out

I got help from Gl-inet technician.

Unfortunely can’t found problem reason

And Gl-inet sent new product.

Today I found that reason.

This reason is my opinion
openwrt using rpc that reponse slow then has problem on nginx.

so I checked nginx configuration.

I dont know why keepalive value is 0.

Changed from 0 to 5 then admin panel is working well.

keepalive value effect to perfomence so dont do high number on keepalive value.

I hope this help someone who has problem as like me.

Have a good day.



The settings on my keepalive_timeout is also 0.

I didn’t have issues. But I will let developer to check what the value should be.

the files is

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