Which AdGuard Home Version

Is AdGuardHome_linux_armv7.tar.gz suitable for most of the routers, I have been running this on the Flint 1 for 2 weeks no issues, but the Flint 2 has arrived today so not sure what’s running on that so I was going to stick to AdGuardHome_linux_armv7.tar.gz on these routers GL-AX1800 / GL-MT6000 / GL-AXT1800 unless someone comes up with a reason not too.

If it breaks, just flash the original firmware.

So just try out :slight_smile:

I believe you need the arm64 version for the GL-MT6000. Although you could just download the IPK file from OpenWrt and then extract an updated binary from that.

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Thanks OK will do i will try that

Hi it tried this one AdGuardHome_linux_arm64.tar.gz and it refused to start or did you mean these AdGuardHome_linux_mips64le_softfloat.tar.gz

Check your log file, since it’s probably a configuration issue. Maybe something like “unknown configuration schema version 27”?

I’d recommend using the OpenWrt version anyway, since their fork includes changes for OpenWrt and it was compiled for our processor.

Are you referring to the adguardhome_0.107.42-1_aarch64_cortex-a53.idk, do I need to extract AdGuard home from this, sorry not done this before.

Yes, that seems to be the current version.

If you use 7-Zip then you can open the IPK file, explore data.tar.gz and then extract AdGuardHome from the /usr/bin/ directory.

If the OpenWrt version also doesn’t work then the issues caused by your outdated config file, since you’re not supposed to update AdGuard Home this way.

If you get the original Flint 2 you could update the latest Adguard Home version.

Hi are you using the IPK file that blackbox i noticed they are snapshots rather have the stable latest at present its AdGuard Home v0.107.43 or are you taking it from Latest if so which one works on your flint 2

Although by doing it that way you’re updating to the official build, which likely isn’t optimised for our CPU and it doesn’t contain all of the OpenWrt specific changes.

I linked to snapshots because that’s how you get the latest version that’s been built by OpenWrt for our processor. Otherwise you’d be getting 0.107.36 from the stable branch.

Hello the problem was my config.yaml im now on the latest version of AdGuard

thank you works a treat.

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