Which router for home network

Hello, I’m new to the GL-inet routers and bought an AR-300M-nand router to play with.
I wanted a solution when my ADSL internet fails and I can use my mobile phone as USB tethering device to get internet access for all my lan devices.
After succesfully installing the router I also want to use my PIA VPN, adguardhome and dns over TLS at the same time.
I guess the ar-300M is a bit lightweighted for all of this.
I wrote an email to the helpdesk of GL-inet but those were bounced.
Is there somebody who can advise me which device can handle all of my wishes without problems?

Thank you very kindly

grtzz tom

If you bought the router already, you can wait for the new WiFi6 generation.
The AR-300 are not so bad for now.

You can compare the VPN speed a little bit by follow:

Thank you for your quick reply, Henry.
I’m not in need of the new wifi6 generation but I was thinking more of Gigabit ports and a more powerful processor/memory.
Isn’t there a product comparison chart with all the GL-inet available?


A table which compare some, you can find on end of follow page:

Newer, more powerfull, possible not already official products like AR-1300 and GL-MIFIV4, can be found:

:grin: :grin: :grin: Thank you so much

Use a GL-AR750S-EXT (Slate) exactly for that purpose and it works a treat. Only thing is that there is no automatic failover, you have to do it manually but it only take 1-2mins once the connection is down.
ADSL Modem → GL-AR750S (WAN) → LAN1/2 → Gb Switch → Devices

When ADSL goes down disconnect the modem connection cable, set your phone to tethering and connect via USB to the USB port on the GL-AR750S, Log into the GL-AR750S and change WAN to USB Tethering, GL-AR750S will then connect to your phone and away your go. As the GL-AR750S does all the DHCP stuff your internal network won’t know the difference as to whether or not your connected to the internet via USB tethered phone or ADSL modem.

Thank you exitguy. I don’t mind a few manual steps to switch. Hopefully my ADSL line doesn’t quit to much on me.
The GL-AR750S-EXT is the most powerful in its range?
I’ve been looking at the GL1000 but does not have Wifi and the GL-1000W isn’t released yet.

Thank you

MV1000W is soon to be released, has a small form factor (travel size).
I’m using a B1300 for my home network, which might as well do the trick.

I order the GL-AR750S-EXT for my home network.

thank you all

grtzz tom