Which Samba version to install?

I’ve got an MT-1300, running firmware version 4.3.10

Samba isn’t bundled by default, but there are multiple samba packages available when searching ‘samba’ in the applications > plugins menu, or searching in software in Luci.

I’m keen to know which version is fully tested as working and recommend, as I’ve seen some older posts saying to avoid the ‘default’ version whatever that is/was.

No-one has a view on this?

There is not a lot of samba in the plugins. Maybe you saw the language packages.

You should install samba4-server which may take a lot of space.

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Well there’s:


Plus some language packages, so I was looking for guidance on which to install as before updating my router Samba was accessible via the GLi admin interface rather than having to go into Luci or via SSH.

Samba itself won’t bring the web interface back.

But could you try this?

If it does not work, you might need samba4-server and luci-app-samba4

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