WiFi only 150 kbit/s with GL-MT300N-V2 3.203


When upgrading to 3.203, changing nothing else than connecting to the internet with WiFi to my Fritz!Box 7530, the Mango interface takes !minutes! to load.
I never get more speed than 150 kbit/s for the connection.

Tried another WiFi Stick, another PC, another Browser, no help.
Going back to openwrt-mt300n-v2-3.201-0402 solves the problem.

I am capable to deliver logread output.

Can you still replicate this issue if you upgrade to 3.203? The wifi driver is not changed.

as I need WDS mode, i tested deeper.
It´s only with openwrt-mt300n-v2-3.203-0908.
It´s even after a fresh firmware upgrade to 3.203-0908 on the very first language selection page, connecting the first time with Mango WiFi.
From Mango to Client (Admin Page) ~150kBit
From Client to Mango (firmware upgrade) ~1500kBit

Tested without success:
Reboot Windows
Other Browser
Other WiFi stick on Windows (10) Client
Change Mango WiFi Channel
Mango “Channel Optimization”
Make Mango powerless
Reboot Mango
Clear cache and cookies
Android Client

Also weird:
Internet by WiFi only comes up after Mango reboot.
For 3.203-0908 and 3.203-0805.

So now the “WDS” mode work but speed is very low?

How about WISP repeater mode?

If only WDS mode has low speed, we will do more investigation.

WiFi is slow even after a fresh 3.203-0908 firmware upload.

Install 3.203-0908, connect to Mango WiFi, go to
Already the first page - asking to set language - is slow.

I just wrote I try to use 3.203-0908 and not the released 3.203-0805 because I need WDS.