Will Huawei E3372 work?

I am trying to use a usb modem but was unsuccessful with This Modem.

The modem simply does not show up when I “switch off router, then plug in modem and restart”.
When it is on and I plug in however, it shows “tethering” as usb and the the button. When I connect, it gives a connection error.

Considering Internet - GL.iNet Docs 3 page where Huawei E3372 is written as a modem tested, I am tempted to order it.

Since it is non-returnable, I want to ask the opinion of experts on the chances of the router working.

Also is there a difference in the risk involved while using router as “repeater” or “cable”. The purpose of router is using VPN with kill switch strictly.

My best friend has the E3372 and it does work. However, be careful with the version you order.

If you order the E3372H, you will only have “tethering” ie, the router will detect it as an iOS device. The H version has the webui for settings. The downside is that the connection is emulated in a way, and there are lots of reports that it is slower than the following one.

If you order the E3372S, then the router will control all the settings as if it was an internal module, and you will also have a higher speed because the protocol is faster. The E3372S can also be changed from stickmode to “hilink” mode (like the H) using just some flashing tools.

To flash the H version, you must open the case and bridge a test point to ground EVERY TIME, and use a special firmware uploader via commandline (ie more hacky).

Unfortunately my friend has the H version and we are thinking about flashing it to stickmode for better performance.

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Pls get the hilink version, i.e. hostless or tethering version of E3372 and it should work.

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What is the error? Tethering should work

I disagree about the hilink version, its slower and harder to flash. With the stick version he can flash to hilink if he really wants.

The hardware is the same but the Ethernet emulation is slower.

Interesting discussion, I have an E8372H-153 which I could use in HiLink Mode (alzhao does not say specifically why it is better only that it will work). Are there any test results of speed differences HilInk vs Stick Mode (I think it is NCM?)

Rather than flash E8372H-153 to see the difference, I was thinking to get the E3372H (cannot find the S Version) and flash the 21.x firmware on it (I understand 22.x is the HiLink version). Before I embark on this, is it worth it, can it be reasonably easily done?


I also don’t know why alfie recommends the hilink ones, since the stick ones expose AT commands just like the Quectel internal modules GL uses and use yeah NCM for the connection itself. You get more options in the UI with cell info etc, while the hilink just says tethered and ip. Hilink also has it’s own NAT, so you are fighting with that to open ports as well if needed.

If you want to read about flashing hilink to stick for the E3372H see this:


Try the top section “did not work for me” first, as there seems to be many different versions with different options for flashing, progressively harder to do. I say harder because for some people opening the stick and bridging the test point to ground would be considered no fly zone, while others would love to even desolder the entire MCU :rofl:

Buddy, you always choose the hard (maybe better) way. Most people just want plug and play that is why I recommend hilink version.

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I think there is room for both modem-only and tether-only options, but whether GliNET want or need to go the former (more tech-heavy) route is down to GLiNET’s business model for each router / device I guess. There are, as alzhao has pointed out before, options in the form of ROOTer firmware (OpenWRT).

For the record, whilst I am not as tech-savvy as most here, I am reasonably good at following directions so after many visits to various (and often dodgy-looking) russian modem firmware sites I did revert an E3372H to stock mode using the ‘needle method’; it was not altogether that difficult (but having said that I killed my E8372H albeit for a different reason) to beware :slight_smile:

See also some input here on the same theme, I provided two E3372Hs, one in ‘Stick’ mode’ (flashed as above) the other in original HiLink ‘Tether’ mode. I will be interesting to see if GLiNET can advise any discernable real-word difference in speed. I agree with alzhao though, most (90%-95%?) of purchasers just want to plug and play any modem (or indeed phone) they may use to run their router.