Will the Mudi GL-E750v2 have support for eSIM?

The new Mudi GL-E750v2 will be using the Quectel EM060K modem. This modem, according to its product page, has optional support for eSIM.

Will the Mudi GL-E750v2 have support for eSIM enabled?

If not, will it be possible for customers to enable it themselves after purchase?

Thank you.

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I’m interested to know this as well. I only purchased the original version within the last year, but I’d be willing to buy the new one if it supports eSIM natively.

There’s a few people on reddit complaining about the performance of this device. It should be more obvious that this device is oriented toward security/privacy conscious people, and the branding/design should reflect that. I care more about eSIM support than faster speeds, because it helps my privacy more. Failure to appeal to the right audience will result in a device that appears inferior to the competition. Just my two cents.

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Hi,In fact,we have already built a DEMO of eSim based on XE300, but there are some key technical points that have not been resolved, and we expect to launch the eSim service in Q3’24.