Wireguard Client Setup on AR750S


I just updated my AR750S to the lastest test build, fresh install no saved configs. I want to connect it to my home LAN via wireguard but when I try to input the settings manually clicking “add” once all the settings are in does nothing. It will just stay on the same manual input config page. If anyone could provide some assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

so no message shown? what browser?

no message shown at all. I do know what you mean about the message think btw, If the wrong info is entered in one of the fields it kicks out a message in red alerting you of the error. Im sure ive entered everything correctly but no luck getting past that part.

Ohh forgot to mention Im using chrome for the browser

I tried and I acknowledge that this is true. Adding this to the bug tracker.

There are few people using manual method. I think that there is one input box missing. Can you just paste the configure in plan text format?

Oh well glad you were able to duplicate it, Umm I would paste it in plain text except idk the correct format for the config.


The Wireguard GUI “Add Profile”: Add client Manually, ‘add’ client button is not working. Not at all.
The ‘Keep Alive’ box is missing now as well.

Adding a Wireguard client manually in the GUI does not work, not on any browser.

Wireguard configs now have to be done manually with FTP access.

Please fix.

You can use copy and paste now.

I noticed this bug and will fix.