WireGuard Handshake did not complete

I have AR750S with latest firmware.
I enabled WireGuard Server.
I made WireGuard User Account.
I imported WireGuard User settings into Windows WireGuard app.
I created other user and imported settings into Android Phone App using QR code.
When I am on the GliNet router’s local wireless network the connection completes and works.
When I connect from the outside to the static IP of my router it starts but handshake does not complete as seen in the logfile of the client.
I tried standard port as well as 81. I dont know if I need to open the ports manually but it does not make a difference whether ports are opened or not.

What other options on the Router do I need to enable?

You’re running a wireguard server on an AR750. Does your AR750 have a public IP?

Yes I have an IP starting with 150.x.x.x.
Besides starting the wireguard server and making user accounts, did you have to set anything else? Open ports, setting firewall or setting interface?

No ping response and tracert stops after 5 hops.

And wireguard works when I am on router internal private network (but its needed on outside public network).

is the GL router the main router or behind another device?

Based on above comments wireguard should work and I start to think that issue is with network provider. I will try with other static IP.

It still would help to know if one needs to open Wireguard port or if starting the server automatically opens it.

I have Wireguard server running on a B1300 (direct to internet, dynamic IP) with DDNS . Never had to open any ports or anything (besides change client file to point to DDNS name) to get the client running on Windows/Android/GL.Inet devices, so assume that happens automatically.

GL-inet 750M behind Nat Router as Wireguard Server

here you may find the solution