WireGuard issues on mini router

I have a GL-AR300M-a82-NOR mini-router. It has been working fine as a repeater with a static ip address connected by WiFi to my local network. I am accessing NordVPN servers via the router’s OpenVpn client without issues.

Recently I setup the WireGuard server for remote vpn use. My ISP has a static address and I opened up port forwarding on the ISP router for 51820. I used the QRCode to configure the WireGuard app on my android phone. Shut down the Openvpn client and started the WireGuard server. Turned off WiFi on phone and using 4G and WireGuard app to access my GL router. On the WireGuard app I could see small activity on both Rx and Tx readouts. Verified that my phone’s ip address corresponded to my ISP ip address. Tried to use phone’s internet browser without success. It is like the signal is getting through my ISP router to the GL router but not able to then go back to the ISP router to access the internet.

Also when the WireGuard server is running and I connect my phone to the GL SSID I get a message "The Internet is unavailable with “GL-AR300M-a82-NOR”. The only internet site that can be reached is Turning off the WireGuard server restores the ability to reach all internet sites. My goal is to access the internet remotely through my home GL WireGuard server. Any suggestions?

Turnning wireguard server on the router, should not deactive the router’s network. If it does, seems there is some thing wrong unexpected.

Very strange.

Did you find a workaround or solution? It seems to be the same as what I am experiencing here: No Internet Access When Using Wireguard - 300M