WireGuard/Mullvad USA Servers?

Hello, Is it possible to connect my router to a US based server in the WireGuard client when using Mullvad? They have a bunch of US servers listed on there website so I assumed it would be but I can’t seem to find them. I could also not be reading the server names right but I don’t see anything that indicates US or USA in the names. Still new to this stuff so apologies in advance if this is normal, or if its a stupid question. Thanks.

Here are the Mullvad servers:

The names should be the same?

thanks. yes that’s the list I’ve seen. However in my WireGuard Client sever list there is not a single one with “us” in the name.

You can always just download the wireguard config from Mullvad and add it “manually” in the UI.

Go to this page in Mullvad:

Maybe not all servers have completed loading into the router:

Thanks. that sounds like it could be the potential issue but I had set up WireGuard hours ago and still not a single US server available.

thanks Johnex going to try to configure it manually now.

I think there is a timeout in the UI that stops before all the server configs are download, so they will never be completed until GL.iNet fixes it. Johnex’s suggestion is the same as Limbot in that thread.

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got it. thank you. I now have this conf file from Mullvad but do you know where I go to add it manually?

I only tested Wireguard briefly as I currently use OpenVPN. If memory serves, you add it as a manual configuration, with the account/password, as if the provider is not already known to GL.iNet.



that’s exactly what i was looking for thank you!

Screenshot 2022-01-12 211632 Thank you again Johnex and wcs2228 for the help. The speed difference now being able to use a US based server is great. Was expecting to get much lower speeds when getting this router to be used with a full time VPN. And my computer is not even connected via Ethernet to it yet! :slightly_smiling_face:

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