Wireguard Server Running, Client Cannot Connect

Hello all,
I am brand new to this so let me know if this question has already been answered elsewhere.

I have set up a wireguard server on my flint 2 router. The setup is as follows:

Home internet Modem —-> Flint 2 (plugged in through Ethernet) —-> wireguard

I have configured port forwarding from the home modem on port 51830 and used the IP that I see on the internet page of the flint 2 admin panel.

I am able to use the internet without issue when connected to the flint 2, but when I connect my mobile phone (on cellular) to the wireguard server I cannot browse the internet.

I noticed that the IP on the admin panel is different than the one I see when I check my IP on google & in the modem admin console, my understanding is that this is expected as the modem is assigning this IP to the router but I am now doubting everything I know while troubleshooting this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated

WireGuard is usually 51820 UDP. Are you sure about this forwarding?

My apologies, I was not looking at my screen but I did set up 51820 - I will take a photo once I get a chance to make sure.

Regarding what I’m seeing with the IP of the router vs IP on wifi is that expected?

Also, should the port forwarding be on that port to the IP that i see on the admin panel screen?

Port forwarding must be to [router-ip]:51820

Okay, this is what I have setup but my wireguard client still cannot connect to the internet when I am connected through vpn

May you post your WG config here?
(Please xxx the keys)

The actual ip starts with 192.168 so maybe it’s private? I may be checking that incorrectly. If you have guidance for double checking it would be appreciated

Looks good so far.

Could you please check if your glddns.com address resolves to your actual external IP?
You can use dnschecker.org for this.

It does resolve to the correct IP, but now I’m questioning whether the IP is public as it starts with 192.68 - if you have guidance on how to double check that would be helpful

Ah, in that case, the router is pushing it’s private IP because it does not know about the public IP of the modem.

Unfortunately, you need to change your environment to solve this.

The easiest way would be to set the ISP router into bridge mode, so the GL router will be directly connected to the internet. If this is not possible, you cannot rely on the GL’s DDNS - you have to find another DDNS service then; maybe the modem offers some DDNS service as well.

Or you have to use the IP - but it will change.