Wiregurad VPN won't connect on AX1800

Hello, I have Surfshark VPN and AX1800 travel router, I was able to connect the openVPN to my router as client, but when I try wireguard it won’t connect, anyone had that issue before?

Did you enable the VPN Cascading? I had that same issue before when the router is running VPN client and server at the same time, this trick solved it. (See this post for details: VPN Cascading on GL.iNet routers)

Also, you might want to test if port 51820 is accessible from WAN, some ISPs might block the access of certain ports.

I’ll give it a try, I may end up having my own VPN in the could.

I think that port 51820 is blocked, is their a way around it? or can we use a different port?