Working with Visible Network

Finally get some progress with Visible network.

First, you should use Snapshot firmware from 2022 July 30 and later.

When you insert a Visible SIM into the router, it will detect as Verizon because Visible use Verizon network.

Then go forward and use these settings:


Image for your reference. Pls note:

  • Operator: Visible, this is must
  • Device: ttyUSB3 or cdc-wdm0, (ttyUSB4 or cdc-wdm0 for XE300)
  • APN: VSBLINTERNET, this is must
  • TTL: 65
  • MTU: 1428

If it connects then it is fine. If now, do these troubleshooting:

  1. Reset the modem from the UI
  2. Clone your phone’s IMEI to the router. Pls use the following AT command from the UI. Replease xxxxxxxxxxxxx with your phone’s IMEI.

Hi @alzhao - I cannot get this stable on cdc-wdm0 or ttyUSB4 on my AP1300 Cirrus running 3.2.15 snapshop compiled 2022-09-10 11:15:09.

Just like my GL-E750, I have to use AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,0 to get an IP to begin with, instead of AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,2 like others have mentioned.

I can connect, it works great for a few minutes, then bam, offline again until I fiddle with it, and then no matter what I do, randomly at+cgdcont? is back to showing ims, vzwinternet, etc. associated with Verizon, and will not connect, even after I’ve used AT+QPRTPARA=1 to save settings (which survive a reboot).

This exact configuration (same Visible SIM card even) works perfectly in my GL-E750 on 3.2.15. I have the Visible configuration in the pulldown selected, am using VSBLINTERNET APN, 1428 MTU. There’s certainly something different hardware-wise going on between the AP1300 which has issues, and the GL-E750 that works perfectly.

It’s almost like a watchdog is being triggered somehow (I created another thread about the Internet light not being illuminated on the AP1300 even when I have connection), and is like hitting the “Reset modem” button.

What else should I try? Thank you in advance!

Can you share with me the AP1300 you have problem via cloud?

I will ask guys to debug.

We found that it is a bug related to AP1300. Will fix and send out firmware.

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Fantastic. Please send me a pm/email if you’d like me to test an image. Thanks again!

Pls check the snapshot GL.iNet download center

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@alzhao Having some difficulty setting up Visible on the 3.215 for the GL-X750V2. I had it setup successfully on the 3.203 firmware, but since I upgraded, it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Any ideas? I think the APN is now vzwinternet since Visible’s infrastructure change with the new plans. Additionally, the reason for updating the firmware in the first place, was because we weren’t able to send or receive and SMS (was trying to set up sms forwarding, which seemd to be successfuly as we got the verification email, but can’t seem to send or receive sms). So we had hoped the firmware update would fix the SMS issues. But can’t seem to get the service restored. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Can you just set the apn as vzwinternet, use default profile?

If the modem does not receive sms, it may be a problem of the modem and carrier config. Updating firmware does not solve it. By now I only got one carrier in German has problems with sms.

I was able to get back to having the modem setup, but it still remains that I cannot send or receive SMS using the default “Auto-setup” and vzwinternet. Not sure what else to try here.

So there is Internet, but no sms?

I has records that several carriers has trouble with sms and don’t have a solution.

That is correct, internet works fine, just can’t send or receive SMS. I’ve tried messing with the smsd.conf to no avail.

Is the modem EP06-A or EC25-AF? What is the modem version (displayed on the UI)?

The modem is EC25-AF, modem version is EC25AFFAR07A08M4G

I can give you a method to upgrade the modem firmware if you want to try.

That would be appreciated, thank you!

Thanks. Updated the X750 firmware and got a few extra functions in the GUI. But also had to reboot, and reinstall some packages (Astrorelay) and reactivate a few functions (remote access, file sharing, etc.) even though I selected “keep settings” during FW upgrade. SMS with Visible/Verizon still NOT working though: any solution for this with the EC25AF, please? Not sure if the above firmware helped, as the was no confirmation.

Does the SMS work in old firmware? It is generally related to the modem.
What is the exact my of your EC25AF? I need the long string like EC25AFFAR07A08M4G.
Have to try upgrade the modem firmwrae.

Hi Alzhao, thanks for the quick response.

Quectel Module: EC25AFFAR07A08M4G_01.001.01.001
Spitz: Firmware 3.215

SMS did not work before or after the X750 update with new Visible+. But it worked previously with another provider (not sure if it was UsMobile (on Verizon) or Visible (legacy, on Verizon).


The modem firmware is OK.

Maybe it just has a problem in sms with Visible.