WPS (Flint 2)

Does anyone know how to connect any devices by WPS?
I found step by step in the website OpenWrt.
But does not work on my Flint 2. just step one problem

Also, I noticed in luci default software installed

If the Flint v2 has no button to press, what good is WPS?

… not that I’d know; WPS is a ‘dead tech’ given its known security vulnerabilities.


I am just trying to pair WiFi 6e booster if possible. Or pair mesh Huawei AX3 :thinking:

I can’t help you there but from the sounds of it you’re really going to want to get a way to track & backup your changes under control first if something goes horribly wrong:

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It is okay, Flint 2 is a very good cover range. Thanks for help

Would be weird if this requires WPS.
Are you sure you can’t connect manually?

Actually no, only Vodafone Broadband app on mobile. Instruction link
The inside booster has 2 ports only LAN, and no switch ports system. I saw the Hub page has function WPS with a timer but is unable to pair with a booster :frowning:
Actually, these brand are made by Huawei, if I’m not mistaken :thinking:

Hello, did you find out how to enable WPS on this device ? I’d like to set up a printer. Thanks

WPS isn’t possible, I am sorry.

So, my old 15€ router could do WPS, but this 100€+ one can’t ? :angry:

WPS is unsafe, not recommend and gone; speaking of technology here.


WPS is very insecure. It has documented vulnerabilities that were never fixed.

Of course no. Not possible.

How else do you wirelessly connect a printer that has no touchscreen ?
I’m not talking about leaving it enabled, but only enabling it while setting devices up.

I am nearly sure that you configure the printer on some different way. Maybe via LAN and access the config web interface?

There’s no Ethernet port : only power and USB.

USB works.

Apparently, proprietary software can make the device connect to wifi without WPS, but it’s not available on Linux.

In that case you have 3 possibilities:

  1. Get rid of the printer / use USB only
  2. Follow tutorials like this to enable WPS on OpenWrt: OpenWrt WPS connection step by step - Network and Wireless Configuration - OpenWrt Forum
  3. Using Wine to emulate the proprietary software.

If you choose the 2nd option, be warned: This is out of any “warranty” - you will have to get through this alone. Create backups before and download the newest firmware, ready to reflash it.

Hmm my only guess is having the usb connect to a router with cups or p910nd, basicly what you need is a very basic print server.

Then you can choose wether you want to have this router sent wifi, or you just keep it over lan, also for a more all in one solution with not so much challenge to configure also aliexpress sell printservers but you have to consider yourself if they are considered safe :slight_smile:, i’ve had one which kept connecting to the internet… which did not gave me a secure feeling, but i guess there is also alot more choice and probably also on other shops.

if you go for a own router, you can always make it accessible via wifi even if you had a different network than lan for wifi :slight_smile:

This may take some time, but i think it probably fits your solution the best :+1:


For a router it doesn’t need to be big either, a simple raspberry pi or mango can be used, currently im considering this too for my HP officejet 6950 which doesn’t come with a ethernet port :slight_smile:

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Flint2 can do WPS. But that’s a bit tricky.

You can follow this Howto: WPS on GL.iNet's mini-routers - op-docs

Eventually, once WPS pushbutton activated, you’ll find a virtual button on Overview page:

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