Wrong Gateway shown for the WAN wired interface

I am using a GL-B1300 with a wired (Cable) Internet interface, connected to a VDSL router, and a Thetering interface as backup with a LTE USB router.
I have correctly configured the ‘Cable’ Internet interface and it works, but the Gateway shown on the configuration page is wrong ( instead of :

On the contrary if I use the Advanced Luci configuration web page, the Gateway of the Intenet ‘Cable’ Interface appears correct (

Someone knows why the normal configuration web page is wrong and how to correct it?


What firmware version are you using?

@luochongjun I am using the last available stable release 3.216.

Does anybody else have the same issue?

I just tested by myself. It display correctly.

I have also tried to configure the WAN to get the IP address with DHCP, and re-configure back with static (using the correct parameters), but it shows again the wrong information ( …

I just find another post for a similar issue (see here: WAN gateway incorrect / not updating in WISP mode - Technical Support for Routers - GL.iNet (gl-inet.com) ), and I applied a similar correction by removing a static route towards the subnet, and the wrong information of the Internet Gateway appears to be fixed. The issue in my case (with respect to the above-mentioned post) is that I need the static route on the WAN interface towards the subnet So, the question is: how could I configure the needed static route for the WAN interface, without affecting the Gateway shown in the Wired Internet WAN page?

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Can you let me know how you configured the static route? This needs to be fixed anyway.

As soon as I add the static route at the bottom (the one related to the wan interface):

the following is the effect for the WAN Interface:

As soon as I delete such static route:

the WAN Interface gets back to the correct values:

I hope this helps to fix the issue.

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Seems the static routing messed up the status. B1300 has a firmware 4.x now. Are you going to upgrade and test?

My understanding is that (at least the last time I checked) the release 4.x for B1300 is still at “Beta” status not a “Stable” status, I am not sure that the mesh feature (that I am currently using) is already supported with such “Beta” release.
Is my understanding correct?

You are correct. Maybe just keep the 3.x firmware.

I noticed that few days ago a ‘stable’ firmware version 4.3.6 release2 (filename: openwrt-b1300-4.3.6-0728-1690544239.bin) was available to be downloaded for the GL-B1300, but now it is indicated as ‘beta’ again.
Does it mean that there are still some bugs to be corrected (like the unavailability of the MES feature).

The 4.3.6 release 2 was withdrawn due to that some users’ 3.x firmware accidently upgrade to 4.x and lost configurations.

The firmware itself is fine. We will put it in stable again.

Thanks @alzhao !
Just one question about the MESH feature for the model GL-B1300: in the release note of version 4.3.6 it is not pointed out in the list of the not included features (“ * This version firmware does NOTinclude the following features:

  • File Sharing
  • Captive Portal
  • RS485”).
    Therefore, the MESH feature is apparently included in the version 4.3.6 …

Is it confirmed?
If yes, since this version should be fine I would like to upgrade to 4.3.6 my two GL-B1300s in MESH configuration.


No. Mesh is not on the 4.3.6 firmware. The wifi driver changed and the original mesh does not work.

Thanks @alzhao!
So I need to stay with 3.x release until a new version with MESH will be released.