X1200 firmware update

X1200 doesn’t have the last 3 firmware stable builds (3.203 latest instead of 3.215 for every other model)

I understand X1200 has been discontinued, can you keep the firmware updated or make it openwrt compatible if that’s not too much trouble. I had high hopes for X1200 only to find out it is no longer available not long after I bought it. Thanks.

This one will be upgrade in Q1 2023.


Can you also make it openwrt compatible?

X1200 is not there yet

previous discussions on it

This may be difficult as X1200 has been discontinued

I second this request.

The X1200 is a nice piece of hardware and being able to use the official openWRT on it would be a great step to extend the life of the expensive hardware.

The current snapshot builds are 3.216 versions, while other models like the X750 already have snapshot builds of 4.2.0.

That being said, I can understand that GL-iNet isn’t keen on investing a lot of resources into a model for which the support expires in 2023.
This is exactly why it would be desirable to invest the resources in making the official openWRT work instead of developing a new custom firmware based on a years old fork of openWRT.

Can you provide technical details on what would be necessary to make the official openWRT work with the X1200?