X3000 failover not working properly

I have wan connected with cellular as failover. Over the last few weeks my cellular connection has burned through over 200 gig. Luci mwan3 shows status as wan 100% no balance, but all the data is being pulled from cellular. The only way the router will pull data from wan is if I disable cellular. Someone needs to fix this.

Device is on the stable release firmware

I have some more information. The issue only seems to be related to VPN usage. If wan is connected and VPN enabled, then cellular connection enabled after the wan, then data will continue to pull from wan as expected. If wan and cellular is enabled, and then VPN is enabled last, then data pulls from cellular connection even though failover is set to prefer wan. Mwan3 still shows wan as 100% but the data is being pulled from cellular. Disable VPN and data starts pulling from wan again.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, VPN and multi-WAN feature has been messy since the release of the Slate AX one year ago and still hasn’t been fixed.

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I’m working on this bug.

Any update on this issue? I am experiencing this with my Brume 2. VPN use seems to force one of two WAN connections, even when Internet connection… unless the second is physically disconnected.

Firmware 4.5 merge VPN failover: