X750 Rev 2 IMEI Change

I am having issues changing the IMEI on my rev 2 device. I am using the following command and getting a success message as the command made it through but the display window that shows the command sent and any response form the chipset is displaying “ERROR” Is this no longer a supported feature?


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You need to pay attention to the double quota.

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Thank you!!! I new they looked weird on here because of the default font, but in my notepad they were correct in appearance. So I can avoid a rookie mistake like this again can you recommend a font to use when pasting commands in the future?

RedTick, your issue was already resolved before:

In the future, please make sure that you use the search feature of the forum to see if your issue has been discussed and if a solution has been found.

Sure thing, but that was not my model. I did see it when I searched but wanted to focus on my model in case the chipsets in each were different.

To post code, pls use this format

ls /etc/config/


Thank you alzhao! Will defiantly do that moving forward.

Is this about changing the IMEI for the gl-x750 v2? I’d really like to learn how to do this…!!

AT +EGMR=1,7,"yourIMEIhere"

This is how you change it.

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Ok, so I’m not sure where that would go (cmd.exe ?) And by putting the name IMEI I’m assuming that would be the new one you want to change it to?

First click on “AT Command” in the lower left of the box in the attached pic. Should look the same on your dashboard. Then click AT Command dialog box as picture in the second attachment, and then paste in the command from the previous post but use what ever IMEI you want.


I put in ttl ip tables. Should I delete those

No they are unrelated to your IMEI AT command. I always have my ip tables mangle my TTL off device. Its a must in my book.

really appreciate your help! but just so im clear should i put it in the box exactly like this

(AT +EGMR=1,7,“yourIMEIhere”) minus the parentheses?

also do i get rid of the quotation marks? and should I put it in like it shows with spaces between some of the numbers or just a full string without the spaces?

You should put without spaces and with the quotation marks.

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is this the same command you would use on the puli? gl-xe300?

yes it is the same for that model.