X750 Spitz is there a way to lock to band?


I recently purchased the LTE modem Spitz and was wondering if there was a way to lock the band on the tmobile network. Sometimes certain bands get convested, and running speed tests by cycling through different bands allow me to choose the best band to lock onto. I can do this on the MoFi4500, and was hoping to do the same with this.

Is it possible to do it with the Luci UI?


My understanding is that the Quectel modems cannot lock bands in firmware. If they can, it’s poorly documented.

The Mofi uses a Sierra Wireless modem and it can lock bands in firmware. So unless I’m wrong, I think the answer is no, you cannot lock bands.

I wish you could.


Quectel EP06 AT Commands manual

Try using AT commands. Start reading on page 40. You can prevent the EP06 from searching those over-saturated bands. Maybe a viable workaround for you.


I believe these are the AT commands you need to implement to lock a band:

  1. Insert the SIM card into Splitz

  2. Login the WebUI and start AT command interface

  3. Input AT command: AT+QCFG=”Band”, check your current band information.
    You will get value return with 3 parameters, it looks like as follow:
    1st parameter “0X93” is for 2G/3G band, 2nd parameter “0x3ffffffff”is for 4G band and the 3rd parameter “0x21” is for TDSCDMA band.

  4. Modify parameter. (Do not modify “0x”, just the parameter after 0x), AT command:
    Change to Band 7 only: AT+QCFG=”band”, 93,40,21
    Change to Band 38 only: AT+QCFG=”band”, 93, 2000000000,21
    Change to Band 7&38: AT+QCFG=”band”, 93, 2000000040,21

  5. Reboot after Band configuration, then use AT command:
    Check your current using band.


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I’ve ran AT+QCFG="band" and I get +QCFG: "band",0x2e0,0x2000000003300185a,0x0

This makes no sense to me because 0x2000000003300185a doesn’t correlate to any of the bands added together. Can you please help me make sense of this? I’m on the T-Mobile LTE bands.