**X750 SPITZ keeps hanging up**

I have the following problem, I am standing here on a campsite and use the repeater function with Wireguard VPN.
The connection then no longer works sporadically. I can see that my device (cell phone, tablet, etc.) is no longer connected to the Internet and if I want to look at the surface of the Spitz, is that no longer possible? The LEDs on the Spitz flash, the WLAN is also displayed again and again, but I have no connection, neither to the Spitz not to the Internet.
It only helps to pull the plug and restart the router, then everything works again?
Does anyone here have any ideas?


Can you let me know info about the wifi you are repeating? Is it EAP?

what do you mean with EAP? This is a WIFI from the Campsite and the WIFI is free, but there is a Captive Portal, but this is not a Problem that works…
if i have this Problem, the Interface from the “Spitz” is not available, the only way what is work is to disconnect the electricity from the “Spitz”!!

I just had the problem again and have attached screenshots

I have a question, did you keep the web UI of Spitz open in your browser before this happen?

No, i did not!
the same thing last night

the same thing over and over … I tried the gl-inet app, but it doesn’t work either

No Idea??
if that doesn’t work, I must to return the device, so it won’t work

Could it it be that your PC is possibly connected to the campsite’s WiFi as well rather than it being connected to the Gl.iNet router? Just wondering.

look at the screenshot, you can see that I am connected to the gl-inet! but here in the forum others also have the problem!

So this is all the settings you made:

  1. Wireguard client
  2. Repeater

Anything else, e.g. mac clone?

No only 1+2
No mac clone!

Today I have a new phenomenon, Internet works, Wireguard works, but the surface of the Spitz is not accessible ??? see the screenshot

That is the content of /var/log/lighttpd/error.log

And what does that mean? what can I do without restarting the router?

SSH to the router and use the following command

cat /var/log/lighttpd/error.log 

I only have one tablet with me on vacation! What else can I do?

If only one tablet not much to do.

We can compile a package and if you have a pc, you can put it in the router so that we can more info.

OK, you just have to tell me how to do this!

The Internet was gone again so I had to make a reboot!
Now I can access the WI from the Spitz again and have a System log, does that help you?