XE300(Puli) Device Abrupt Turnoff

Hi Team,

Recently We are observing a strange issue with GL.inet XE300. The Power is always connected and devices are getting turned off abruptly(Button is not long pressed).

XE300 Firmware version v3.217 (latest stable) and MCU Firmware version is v1.1.1.

We are running a custom application which uses WIFI Access Point Functionality and ETH/CELLULAR for WAN Access. All the necessary signal handlers were added in the application and the same was added to logs. When the issue happens no signal handlers got called. If we issue reboot/poweroff/halt we used to see signal 15 handler got called before reboot/turnoff/halt.

We are calling /usr/bin/xe300-mcu once every 40 seconds to read the status of battery charging. capacity and temperature. Will it cause any such issues of abrupt turned off?


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Hi @RAMA, I have noticed the same behavior with this model too. We use hundreds of XE300 devices at work, some of them have been installed at our client premises since 2022, and they have never had such problem.

But since last December we started noticing that some brand-new devices (maybe 22 out of 200) turn suddenly off and the button is not long pressed. Sometimes, according to our costumers, all LEDs are ON.

After some brainstorming, we came to three hypotheses:

  • As you suggested, the router might become too hot to the point it turns off
  • The device might simply freeze because of a firmware bug. I have that issue with my personal x750 router, which freezes randomly.

We also thought a bug in our own application running in the router could be the reason, but it works flawless in other XE300, even in places with higher demand.

Our XE300 firmware version is v3.125.

I hope we find a solution soon

Hi @pvgonzalez,

Please check MCU Version in the devices using below command.

MCU - Checking Firmware Version and update in v3.217

echo {"version": "1"} > /dev/ttyUSB0
cat /dev/ttyUSB0

We have two set of XE300 devices with MCU Version v1.0.8 & v1.1.1

We have seen turnoff issue only with MCU Version v1.1.1 for now.

Rama Krishna


The devices that have the issue are v1.1.1, however not all the devices running v1.1.1 show the turnoff issue.

Did you try to downgrade/upgrade the MCU ?


Hi @pvgonzalez,

Yes,Not all the devices with MCU v1.1.1 has the Issue. only Few has the Issue and eventually it may come in any of the devices. It is very random.

Yes We downgraded MCU to v1.0.8 and continue using. What is the MCU version in your old devices?

Rama Krishna

Can you download the MCU firmware to v1.0.8? Pls let me know if you need a guide.

Hi @alzhao,

Thank you for your answer, I was writing an email to GL support to obtain the software.
Can you please send it and the guide ?

Thank you

I am waiting for your emai lto support. Better support there.

I just sent you the email to support@glinet.biz

I think I’m having almost the same behaviour.

My device: GL-XE300 firmware 4.0 release70307 (4.3.7 file download)

Sometimes it gets hot and hot until shutdown.

I tried the command
echo {“version”: “1”} > /dev/ttyUSB0
cat /dev/ttyUSB0
and I still don’t know MCU version

Any advice?
Perhaps to downgrade MCU?
How can I do it?

in v4.x version, we have to stop mcu before reading version

ubus call mcu status
ubus call service delete ‘{“name”:“mcu”}’
echo {"version": "1"} > /dev/ttyUSB0
cat /dev/ttyUSB0

After this, restart the MCU
service mcu start

I feel it’s not related with MCU Firmware. Please check CPU & Memory Usage.

Thanks & Regards
Rama Krishna