ZeroTier plug-in Setup on a Slate Plus

I found some good information on the forum at

but wanted to be able to get to all of the client devices on the subnet as well so found this link very helpful in setting it up how I wanted it.

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What speeds are you seeing on ZeroTier, if you don’t mind my asking? You can do something similar with Tailscale which is running at probably 80% of OpenVPN speed on the routers I’ve tried.

It would be better if mwan3 played nice with the various setups (Tailscale has been reworked to fix the issue, but I think something about gl-inet’s implementation in 4.X is non-standard, which makes it not work again). It’s really a shame it isn’t supported natively, given that the CLI syntax is simple and the functionality is great.

I haven’t done any benchmarks yet as my intent was to use it to configure settings on a few devices remotely and I don’t have a file server on the remote side. I forgot Tailscale was an option for this as well, thanks.

Sure… I’m considering writing a basic Tailscale guide up, if I get the chance. I’d like to get it working without nuking all of the GLI firmware, but… that takes time.

Upgrading the firmware to 4.2.1 broke the ZeroTier integration I had and the built in integration they added with 4.2 doesn’t work on that router either probably because of some of the changes I had to make to get it working originally. I’ll probably have to restore factory settings to get the new ZeroTier integration to work.