Adding DNS blocklists in AdGuard Home makes router laggy

I am experiencing an issue with my Slate AX where if I add any custom DNS blocklists in AdGuard Home the entire router locks up and becomes unresponsive. The repeater disconnects, the WiFi devices get kicked out of the network and all interfaces (GL.iNet, LuCi, AdGuard) become inaccessible (timeout). Only solution is hard reset which was unfortunate for all the settings I had applied and all the VPN tunnels I had imported. For the money I payed I expected a router that at least wouldn’t break itself while using it’s built-in functions. If anyone has had this issue or anything similar I would love to hear from you. Not impressed.

So the Slate AX is being choked by attempting to process the n^2 number of entries you’ve added to AdGuard Home… & you blame the device?

Have you checked the load while attempting any of this? opkg update && opkg install htop && htop

IDK how many hosts you’re trying filter but something doesn’t compute. Spin up AdGuard Home in a VM & see how well it fares before deploying to an embedded Linux system.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how many lists I add. If I add even one more than the pre-enabled AdGuard Blocklist the problem appears. And yes, I am blaming the device because what I’m trying to do is technically within the limits of the hardware and is done within the software that was included with the device out of the box. SSHing into the device and using htop I can see the memory quickly fill up and the CPU hovering near 100% usage before it promptly times out and the device bricks up. It’s worth noting I had about 5 blocklists set up before on a previous version of the firmware and never had an issue (which is expected). I may sound salty and excuse me for this but that’s because this was an inconvenience.

Well, I’ve been in at least three threads related to AdGuard Home in say, the last month or so, related to devices that weren’t all Slate AX. This is the first I’m reading of such a severe issue.

Logs would help. So would stripping it all back to stock lists & making a known good setup backup which you can do within LuCI.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to extract any logs after the fact since the device is inaccessible until it’s reset. I did however give AdGuard Home a try on my Linux laptop and from what I can gather by playing around with it and observing htop is that the router most likely chokes while trying to index the list (or lists) for the first time. Indeed, trying to add a small list (less than 100 entries) makes it bog down for a couple of minutes but it returns back to normal afterwards. The lists I was adding before often consisted of more than 60000 entries so that might be what’s causing it. I will attempt to run AdGuard Home on an Archer C7 I’ve got lying around which is a much less powerful piece of hardware and see how it behaves. For now I’ll just resort to using the router without the blocklists since it works perfectly without them. Bummer but it is what it is. I once again encourage anyone that has experience with adding blocklists to AdGuard Home on this router to chip in their two cents on this.

Now that shouldn’t be happening on such a small list. This ‘smells’ more like some sort of a timeout issue.

Good plan. The only suggestion I’d make is matching the same version of AdGuard Home on both devices.

IDK if this is related or not but it might be relevant: